About us

Some female escorts in Europe choose to grow out their pubic hair, which is also known as the bush.  This hair can be found on the vulva and is heavy, coarse and long. It results from estrogen and is considered by some men to be extremely erotic.
It is distinct from hair in other parts of the body and functions as a secondary sexual characteristic. It will often be darker in color than hair on top of the head, and while some women have a bush that is tightly curled, others have pubic hair which is straight and wavy. The bush of most women is naturally triangular in shape.
Our agency is based in Madrid and Bratislava and caters to men that desire women who do not shave their pussies. Each of the ladies in our portfolio will grow out a nice full bush prior to meeting you, and they are available for appointments both in Spain and around Europe. Our gallery only shows panty shots, contact us to see complete photos.